Centre of Excellence of MoUD, Govt. of India

The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Government of India has initiated many programs in order to promote excellence in specific areas of urban management, project implementation and urban governance. One of the activities was to set up Centres of Excellence (CoE) in reputed institutions in the country to create the necessary knowledge base for improving municipal service delivery and management. The basic objective of the CoEs was to foster cutting-edge and crosscutting research, capacity building and technical knowledge base in the area of urban development. It was also expected that the CoEs would address urban development issues at national, state and local levels and will provide support to state and local governments.

The MoUD approved the proposal to establish a Centre of Excellence on Solid Waste and Wastewater Management at CED in 2009. CED carried out various activities as part of CoE. The main objective of Centre of Excellence at CED was (1) to develop strategy and framework for Solid Waste and Wastewater Management of ULBs in the country; (2) to formulate Capacity Building and Training Program for ULBs and also (3) to develop a Knowledge Centre on Solid waste and Wastewater Management to provide information support to the ULBs. As part of CoE, CED developed the following documents:

  1. Strategy and Framework for Municipal Solid Waste Management
  2. Strategy for Urban Waste Water Management
  3. Solid Waste Management Technology Manual
  4. Operation and Maintenance Manual for Solid Waste Processing Plants
  5. Capacity Building for Solid Waste Management
  6. Municipal Solid Waste (Handling & Management) Bye-law
  7. Course Material for Short Term Training on Solid Waste Management
  8. Course Material for Waste Water Management
  9. Course Material for Orientation Training on Pollution Control in Slaughter Houses

CED developed a Knowledge Centre with books and other publications and reference documents on Solid Waste and Waste Water Management and also established a Knowledge Portal-India Waste Management Portal- as part of CoE, with the objective of imparting information support on technological, social and institutional aspects of SW & WWM for ULBs and also for dissemination of information. CED is continuing its activities as part of CoE and supporting ULBs to implement Solid Waste and Waste water Management.

CED is also an empanelled agency of MoUD, GoI for the preparation of City Development Plan (CDP) and providing technical support to Cities in Water Supply, Sanitation, Sewerage and Drainage.