WELL Program

CED formulated a massive program – Water and Energy Literacy and Learning (WELL) Program to create a wider platform for bringing together people from different walks of life to attain the goal of water and energy security.Inaguration1

The Program include 4 types of activities:

  1. Mass awareness and sensitization programs to various groups in the society to bring in a change in attitude, behaviour and mindset towards conservation of water and energy, optimization of their  use, to bring in reduction of water and energy use , reducing  loss and wastage, etc.
  2. Research and Development activities to bring in  scientific and technological innovations to help reduce water and  energy use,  leading to their  conservation and scientific management.
  3. Technology application and technology transfer to help implement new tools and techniques, equipment and devices to help the reduction in water and energy use
  4. Training and capacity building to engineers, technicians and others involved in water and energy services and management related activities, water and energy auditing, construction activities, mechanical operators, etc on  various    conservation methods, use of tools and techniques, equipments, etc.

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