Kerala Environment Congress

CED in its career path has always given great emphasis towards interaction between individuals and organizations towards a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach. CED organized the 3rd Indian Environment Congress at Thiruvananthapuram during December 2004. In 2005 CED initiated the Kerala Environment Congress with the following objectives:

  • To provide an annual platform for interaction among young and senior scientists in various fields for sharing of expertise and experience and to bring out new and innovative technologies in the field of environment and development
  • To improve and enhance the networking between various groups like individuals,research institutions, government departments, non government organizations etc
  • To produce a comprehensive document on different aspects of the specific topic selected each year
  • To offer an open forum for the general public to interact with the scientific community on the major environmental issues the State is facing.

The Congress includes Keynote and invited presentations, as well as paper and poster presentations on specific focal themes selected for each year. Another attraction of the Congress is an Open Forum with public participation, on a specific topic of local relevance. Since one of the major objectives of the KEC is to promote young researchers (age 35 and below), CED instituted Dr. R. Satheesh Memorial Young Scientist Awards for the Best Paper and Best Poster Presentation.

Details of the Environment Congress conducted during previous years

Indian Environment Congress – IEC 2004, Thiruvananthapuram - Environment and Development

Kerala Environment Congress

  1. KEC 2005, Kochi - Coastal and Marine Environment – Issues, Problems and Policies
  2. KEC 2006, Kozhikode - Forest Resources of Kerala
  3. KEC 2007, Thiruvananthapuram - Wetland Resources of Kerala
  4. KEC 2008, Thrisur - Environmental Sanitation, Health and Hygiene
  5. KEC 2009, Thiruvananthapuram - Water Resources of Kerala
  6. KEC 2010, Thiruvananthapuram - Solid and Liquid Waste Management
  7. KEC 2011, Thiruvananthapuram - Energy and Environment
  8. KEC 2012, Thiruvananthapuram - Agriculture and Environment
  9. KEC 2013, Thiruvananthapuram - Culture and Heritage for Environment Management
  10. KEC 2014, Kochi – Water and Energy Security – Issues, Challenges and Potentials 
  11. KEC 2015, Kottayam – Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  12. KEC 2016, Thiruvananthapuram – Urbanization and Environment – Issues, Challenges and Potentials

The 13th Kerala Environment Congress (KEC 2017) will be held at Thiruvananthapuram, from 6th to 8th December 2017…. Details