URJA KIRAN – Energy Conservation Awareness Campaign (ECAC)

The Energy Management Centre – Kerala (EMC), is the “State Designated Agency” to co-ordinate, regulate and enforce the provision of the EC Act 2001 in the state of Kerala with the concurrence of BEE, Ministry of Power, Govt. of India and for implementing various schemes under the Act. The Centre is devoted to the improvement of energy efficiency in the State, promotion of energy conservation and encouraging development of technologies related to energy through research, training, demonstration programs and awareness. EMC initiated URJA KIRAN, Energy Conservation Awareness Campaign in 2015.

Centre for Environment and Development is the Resource Agency (RA) for coordinating the activities of URJA KIRAN  – Energy Conservation Awareness Campaign (ECAC) in Kerala.


The objective of URJA KIRAN  is to create awareness among the general public and equip them for efficient management of all forms of energy, to promote energy efficiency and energy conservation and to develop new sources of energy as well as novel energy technologies with a view to increasing the production and facilitating the use of energy on a sustainable basis. It aims at seeking the Participating Agencies (PAs) to convene, catalyze and facilitate works in the energy conservation related activities in a participatory mode across the State. Therefore, institutions that have been involved in community participation, environment, and energy conservation work are invited to apply for the task.


This program, in general, focuses on enhancing environmental awareness and fostering critical thinking and problem- solving approaches among participants, by helping them to become actively involved in the exploration of their immediate environment through understanding certain concepts and undertaking some selected activities’ related to Energy conservation and energy efficiency. The intention is to encourage an approach which takes some of these basic ideas and adapts them to suit local needs. Thus the activities of the ECAC program consists of an awareness component to be conducted as an initial phase followed by an action component to be initiated by the PAs as a follow up program

URJA KIRAN 2017-18

EMC invites proposals from interested Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) and other Academic/R&D Institutions (other than schools) of Kerala experienced in providing services to facilitate URJA KIRAN 2017-18 (Energy Conservation Awareness Campaign).


The theme for the Campaign is Energy efficiency and Conservation

Last Date to Apply

The application should reach CED in the address given in the guidelines, on or before 30th September 2017, 5 PM. 

 Guidelines and Pro Forma              Guidelines and Pro Forma (Word Format) 
Details of Pre-proposal Workshops Conducted