Japanese university undergraduate students to intern at CED during 3rd week of August, 2014

A group of students, majoring in international relations in Nihon Fukushi University, Japan will be in the CED, Thiruvananthapuram during the third week of Aug. 2014, as part of their internship program. The CED in consultation with the guide faculty-in-charge (Prof. Saito Chihiro, Nihon Fukushi University) has drawn up a six day long academic program for the interns.

During the six day long internship program, specialists will deliver presentations and/or hold classes and discussions in order to familiarize the participating/visiting interns on the various facets of life, governance, delivery of public service, general welfare etc. For the benefit of visiting interns, following topics specific to the state shall be covered.

  • Political and Social development of India;
  • Political economy and Social development of Kerala;
  • Kerala model of development; Innovations in sustainable livelihood development;
  • Culture, Heritage and Holistic medicine in Kerala;
  • Origin and evolution of Co operative movement in Kerala; and
  • Science for Social revolution